We have light-weighted PEB sheds for the industries in Ajmer-kishangarh city which are protecting from different harmful conditions. We are providing PEB sheds with turbo ventilators which keep them airy, safe, and comfortable for worker’s working. The sheds are reliable, durable for a long time, and tested in very harsh weather. The structure is made that holds fewer chances of construction flaws while working.

PEB Shed Features?

Ajmer-kishangarh Clients get numerous features with our PEB shed installation as its having hot-rolled steel with a length of 18 m. With the resistance ability from rust, moisture, UV rays, and corrosion, our PEB shed has a robust property which makes it more durable to last long. High-quality steel is used with the insulated panels and doors to prevent electric currents. The PVC coating is applied on the shed’s surface, and we are also providing customized designs to our clients.

Why only PEB Shed?

PEB sheds are lightly-weighted at minimal cost and also offering a larger span of storage space and other workings. We provide PED sheds in Ajmer-kishangarh that are more reliable and stable even in a natural disaster situation like an earthquake. PEB shed is easy to install with minimum labor cost.

PEB sheds best suitable for?

We build PED Sheds in Ajmer-kishangarh that are best suitable for the business sectors and industries like Commercial sectors, Manufacturing sectors, Factory buildings, Chemical industries, Industrial sector, and Warehouse solutions. Such business sectors and industries use PEB sheds to make their working smooth under a safe roof from uncertain conditions. With also having fire-resistant features all the goods are safe and secure and prevent heavy losses.

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